CLIM XS – ultra-light, ultra-thin facade panel with high insulation performance

Thickness is not a prerequisite for good insulation performance. Highly insulating and ultra-thin, the CLIM XS facade panel is composed of insulation that is five times more efficient than rockwool, producing facades with high thermal performance. With a U Value of 0.3 for a thickness of only 24 mm, it offers the same thermal performance as 100 mm-thick mineral wool. An ideal product for renovations or on thin facades. Lighter and five times thinner than a standard infill element, CLIM XS facilitates on-site installation of the facade. This saves time and labour, ensuring efficient projects.


  • Tertiary buildings
  • Services

Principle (CSTB no. 3076)

Watertight infill panel where the inner facing is always metallic (steel or aluminum)
Railing function
A possible counterpart
Ultra-thin insulation material
Treated frame


4-sided bored system. Must be in accordance with the general recommendations (CSTB no. 3075).
Do not drill the panel.


  • Exterior facing: enamelled tempered glass, steel, aluminium, laminates, fibre cement or aluminium composite
  • Interior facing: steel or aluminium
  • Ultra-thin insulation (λ= 0,007 W/m*K)
  • Treated edge frame (rebate with sheet metal return, depending on fitting)
  • Optional back veneer (plasterboard, fibre cement, plywood or particleboard)