ECOSTA LAMINATES - the ideal finish for natural facades

Facade panel with a TRESPA melamine laminate facing. Natural materials composed mainly of wood, laminates offer a range of looks. All colours and natural material imitations are available with a satin or textured finish.


  • Tertiary buildings
  • Education
  • Salles blanches
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Services

Principle (CSTB no. 3076)

Watertight infill panel where the inner facing is always metallic (steel or aluminum)
Railing function
A possible counterpart
According to CCTP definition: acoustic properties, thermal insulation, compliance with IT249 rules


New builds - Renovation work

Buildings: tertiary, residential, education, hotels, leisure, offices, healthcare, retail, public-access buildings and more.

ECOSTA LAMINATES can be added to 4-sided rebate traditional curtain wall systems and traditional joinery.

  • Exterior facing: melamine laminate
  • Interior facing: steel or aluminium
  • Insulation: extruded polystyrene, mineral wool
  • Treated edge frame (rebate with sheet metal return, depending on fitting)
  • Optional back veneer (plasterboard, fibre cement, plywood or particleboard)