Bespoke product infill elements

Groupe ISOSTA infill elements for lightweight facades are made to order; our sales team will assist you in creating a unique infill element to meet all the requirements of your facade.

Lightweight façades have to meet technical characteristics for water resistance, durability, impact resistance and thermal and acoustic performance.

All Groupe ISOSTA products comply with applicable standards and are subjected to technical evaluation.

An expert design office

Thermal and acoustic performance, implementation problems, large sizes, fire ratings, super thicknesses, etc. Our technical department are experts in researching these subjects and can carry out specific research for your projects. They can provide a technical response that is tailored to your facade. 

Products subjected to technical evaluation 

Groupe ISOSTA's know-how rests on a range of products which all benefit from technical evaluations. The ATE and DTA technical evaluations are done on a voluntary basis and carried out by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building), an independent organisation looking at the practicability of products, components and systems intended for construction.

Obtaining a Technical Evaluation is a long process which requires considerable human and financial investment. To satisfy a Technical Evaluation, a comprehensive technical dossier must be collated which must include the following: a full description of the product, its area of application and function within the construction and identification of the materials and components used in the manufacture of the product. Technical Evaluation: high standards and performance The manufacturer has to prove through a series of validations that the product meets the CSTB's essential criteria, namely: impact testing to guarantee personal safety, thermal performance calculation, acoustic testing, validation of component durability (ageing tests), mechanical strength (calculation of the permissible wind load), fire safety (study into how each component reacts to fire), etc.

Choosing an infill element with a Technical Evaluation is your guarantee that the product will:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Abide by strict manufacturing rules,
  • Undergo quality procedures
  • Be traceable to each construction site
Only infill elements with a Technical Evaluation qualify for the insurers' ten-year guarantee.


Rapid technical evaluation procedure formulated by a group of experts for each product, procedure or fitting that is not covered by an ATEX technical evaluation carried out by the CSTB, making it easier to bring innovative solutions into play.

All those involved - contractors, insurance companies, technical managers - can be reassured and check that the new products or components can be used in complete safety in their projects.

Groupe ISOSTA participates in the drawing up of the ATEX so that innovation does not act as a brake on construction.