Infill elements - Our Finishes


The facade gives a building its identify and it is by the choice of materials (aluminium, laminates, glass, etc.), colours and shapes that the architect creates a unique work.

Groupe ISOSTA follows and anticipates trends so that it can respond to all aesthetic requirements. 

Groupe ISOSTA offers a wide range of exterior cladding to satisfy the creative urges of even the boldest of architects.

The natural range:

Enamelled Glass Finish: ideal for buildings with pure lines, adds depth to the site.
Stratified Finish: natural material composed of wood made into cellulose fibres, the stratified product offers a wide range of looks which are highly prized by architects. All colours and natural material imitations are available with a satin or gloss finish.
Cement Fibre Finish: the authenticity of a mineral composite material. A natural material that creates a pure envelope around the facade. Silky, fibrous or granular feel, matt finish all topped off with elegant colours.

The contemporary range:

Aluminium Sheeting Finish: unlimited choice of colours (RAL colour chart) with the option of adding material effects. Untreated or painted finish with satin or gloss finish.
Steel Sheeting Finish: the strength of steel with an untreated or satin finish. The solution to choose when there is a fire risk.
Aluminium Composite Finish: fashionable material with unlimited customisation potential. Naturally elegant aluminium, metallic effect, wood or mineral look and colours that change with the light...


Pollution, graffiti, adverse weather conditions can all degrade the beauty of your facade. To solve these problems, Groupe ISOSTA offers a range of treatments aimed at protecting exterior cladding:

  • Self-cleaning treatment for a facade stays clean
  • Graffiti-proofing treatment
  • Special coastal corrosion-proofing treatment