Fa7 – architectural facade panel            

Fa7 is an infill element for lightweight shadow box facades.

To produce more depth, the glazing is a few centimetres proud of the aluminium cladding and brings your facade alive! Enliven the facade with bright colours (any RAL colour) or blend the sheet metal in with the glazing – with Fa7, any effect is possible.

Fa7 is suitable for facades with glazing depths of 32 mm, 35 mm and more than 45 mm.


  • Tertiary buildings
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Services

Fa7, the new generation infill element

Impact: The use of light and shade makes your façade really stand out. Available in any colour. All types of design available: screen-printed glass, clear glass for an amplified effect, special aluminium painting, etc.

Saves time: Fa7 is delivered ready-to-use and cuts down on the number of steps involved in fitting it on site. Suction cups are used to help with fitting and provide simplified installation and easy handling.

Environment: Only one component to fix, no on-site waste. Better waste management for a clean construction site that is kind to the environment


New builds / Renovation work

Buildings:  tertiary, residential, education, hotels, leisure, offices, healthcare, retail, public-access buildings and more.

Fa7 can be added to 4-sided rebate traditional curtain wall systems and traditional joinery from a thickness of 32 mm.

Fa7 is a secure solution and part of the ECOSTA infill element range.


  • Interior facing (aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Wood frame
  • Rockwool-based insulation compound
  • Aluminium exterior facing
  • High-tech adhesive seal
  • Exterior glass
  • Ventilation grilles with insect and dust screens