isoCLIN - a patented system

isoCLIN's sliding strip and installation system are patented.

The isoCLIN insulating clapboard product and principle are patented. 
The central strip is movable and can be detached so that the module can be fixed directly to the wall to be covered. The central strip conceals the fixings when refitted and can therefore be offset compared to the fixed strips to stagger the vertical joints.

Quick and easy to fit thanks to its unique patented system.

isoCLIN is comprised of modules with 3 strips, the central one of which slides.

To enhance its looks even more, a wide range of colours (wood and dark shades), coordinated finish accessories and concealed fixings are available.

Highly durable and easy to maintain - the advantages of insulated aluminium!





  • Detached houses 
  • Small apartment buildings 
  • Non-residential buildings (offices, restaurants, schools, workshops, etc.)