isoCLIN Fixed Collection

isoCLIN FreeStyle breaks up the uniformity of the horizontal lines for a resolutely innovative and modern design.

Thanks to its distinctive design, with two wider strips top and bottom and a much narrower central strip, the FreeStyle range gives a unique look to your home, and an impression of movement due to the play of light.

FreeStyle, the fixed range with concealed fixings

isoCLIN FreeStyle is part of our fixed collection. It consists of a module comprising three fixed aluminium strips bonded to machined extruded polystyrene insulation material. The modules fit together and are mounted directly on the existing wall by means of a rail. The fixings are concealed.
Available in ITALIC or HORIZON versions, the isoCLIN FreeStyle range is the ideal solution for a distinctive, contemporary façade.

isoCLIN FreeStyle ITALIC

A modern version of traditional clapboard, with strips of different widths for a unique visual effect on the façade.


One resolutely modern design that breaks up the uniformity of the lines (1 narrow strip between 2 wider strips), and one compact version without a movable central strip.


  • Aluminium sheet clapboard (8/10) 
  • Rot-proof extruded polystyrene insulation material 
  • Thickness: 86 to 90.4 mm, depending on range 
  • Fixings required: 4 to 6 per module 
  • Finishes and special points: range of accessories available with the same finishes as the isoCLIN modules.