isoCLIN - the solution for everyone!

isoCLIN - The ideal external thermal insulation for householders and the trade.

Are you a householder looking for insulation and aesthetics, or in the trade looking for a product that is easy to fit?

 isoCLIN is the solution that can embellish and insulate any building in a single operation.


isoCLIN will make your life easier on site: the technical aspects are integrated into the product itself and produced with uniform quality on an industrial scale.

isoCLIN's advantages:

  • Simple and easy to install. isoCLIN can be fixed directly to the wall. The modules then fit together and can be stacked
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and resizeable using standard tools for projects of this nature, isoCLIN is designed to simplify the process of clapboard installation: the modules measure less than 2.50 m and weigh no more than 5.5 kg.
  • The spacing between the modules and the sliding strips is adjusted automatically: no need for marking out to ensure even spacing!
  • Range of coordinated finishing accessories in the same material as the modules.
  • Technical accessories that inhibit thermal bridges: insulated corner pieces, insulated reveal trims, etc.
  • A clean, tidy work site: a single product and very few tools required
  • Compatible with all types of surface


Do you have a renovation or insulation project?

Enhance & insulate the exterior to improve the comfort of the interior

isoCLIN's advantages:

  • does not encroach on living space
  • contributes to the overall comfort of the building, reduces heating bills
  • the beauty of clapboard: choice of shapes and colours
  • high-performance insulation and the advantages of aluminium facings
  • a durable and lasting solution
  • 2 solutions in 1 operation: insulates and embellishes
  • clean and fast to work with: no inconvenience, no need to move out during the work

Immediate results. Single operation. No drying. No intermediate stages