Thermo-acoustic insulation with style. With its unparalleled ability to absorb impact noise, ELS ULTRA is a beautiful way to enjoy the sound of silence in your conservatory when it rains.


ULTRA 54 dB acoustic performance
Unparalleled ability to reduce the noise of rain and hail hitting the roof. Transforms your conservatory into a living room for all seasons.

ULTRA beauty, zero reflection and style for your ceiling
Ultra's unique ultra-matt finish gives your ceiling style and modernity by bringing your sitting room harmoniously into your conservatory.
Exterior facing colours to suit every style and regional requirement.

ULTRA insulation 
For summer and winter

ULTRA savings 
When combined with high-performance glazed wall panels, ISOTOIT ELS ULTRA ensures your conservatory is well insulated against heat loss so that you can enjoy it in all weathers without overusing your heating or air conditioning.

ULTRA clever
Easy handling, carriage and fitting. ELS ULTRA has superior scratch and impact resistance.




Ultra matt white interior facing.
Outside facing: White, Slate, Tile, Esterel (Terracotta), Ivory and Zinc.
ELS ULTRA self-supporting: The profiles and joint keys are integrated into the panel and invisible.


ELS ULTRA resists scratches and impacts more successfully.
ELS ULTRA self-supporting: edge covering over the full height for better protection and a tighter seal.


Choice of dimensions
ELS ULTRA: 1192 X 3000/3500/4000/4500 and 5000 mm
ELS ULTRA self-supporting: 1200 X 2500/3000/3500/4000 mm
Panel thickness = 68 mm


ELS ULTRA = 13 kg
ELS ULTRA self-supporting = 13.6 kg

Heat insulation U = 0.44W/m².K
Acoustic performance: LIA = 54 dB(A)
CSTB TESTS in accordance with NF EN ISO 140-18
Made in France - Patented, with CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) technical evaluation