Sophisticated design

PANORAMIC adorns houses and other building openings with fashionable shutters available in a sliding variant.
The purity of the horizontal lines give a louvred look to these shutters while still providing complete blanking thanks to the panel's opacity. Panoramic catches the light but does not let it through.


Uninsulated, light-coloured extruded louvred shutters can reach temperatures of 65°C in direct sunlight. They become hot to the touch on both the inside and outside and this heat is transmitted to the house. PANORAMIC provides a defence against this phenomenon. The temperature on the inside never rises above 25°C, even in direct sunlight. 
PANORAMIC thus provides perfect insulation for the comfort of the occupants and contributes to reducing expenditure on heating and air conditioning by insulating the window openings.

Panoramic (left-hand cross section) is insulated right up to the folds in the outer layers to deliver good thermal inertia, unlike single louvred panel solutions (centre) or extruded panels (on the right). The insulation material used has been specially designed to get into the smallest recesses of the panel folds.


Sophisticated and fashionable: catches the light but does not let it through
Thermal inertia: insulates and blanks, restricts temperature rises on the inside and protects against heat and cold
Aspect: wide choice of colours and a fashionable look
Can be mixed with the Harmonic range
Practical: the durability of aluminium combined with hard-wearing colours and zero maintenance

The material of choice for your home, aluminium makes your life easier. It is hard-wearing and durable, does not corrode and goes with any colour. It is an excellent way to coordinate your shutters with your entrance or garage door or gate. With PANOFERM's wood effect in light, golden or dark shades, it looks like real wood, but has none of its drawbacks when it comes to maintenance.