PANOSTA ALU, the aluminium advantage!    
Colour, M1 fire rating and aluminium's ease of maintenance.

PANOSTA ALU is the insulated infill product that can be machined and cut with standard metal- and wood-working tools.

Intended application: window openings, doors, spandrels and wall bases. For interior and exterior use. UV resistant and weatherproof.

PANOSTA ALU comes in a variety of colours and wood shades.

Constituent parts:

  • aluminium facing,
  • insulated extruded polystyrene XPS core, grooved for better adhesion.


ECOBLOC is fast, economical and ecological.

Square, oval, round... ECOBLOC infill panels can be fashioned to suit your measurements and at your request.

You provide us with your dimensions and we deliver the precise panel you requested: no need for on-site re-cutting, no waste to handle.

ECOBLOC reduces the number of panels dropped and amount of waste generated on site.