PANOSTA GC fulfils a guardrail function, having the required safety properties needed for infilling structures such as balconies.

Impact-resistant and weatherproof, for interior and exterior use.
Available with a laminated PVC or aluminium facing.

Intended application: spandrels, transoms and fanlights, partitioning and any items fulfilling a guardrail function.

Constituent parts 

  • CTHB (moisture-resistant plywood) core
  • Facing composition:
    • 1.3 mm PVC facings on both sides (smooth or grooved white, grey or beige)
    • 1.3 mm white PVC facing on one side and 1 mm aluminium facing with Rénolit film on the other
    • 1.3 mm white PVC facing on one side and 2 mm white or grey laminated facing on the other
    • 1 mm aluminium facings with RAL colour paint on both sides



Colour chart available upon request, depending on facing type