Comfort in all seasons

The purpose of the 2012 heat regulations (RT2012) is to limit energy consumption in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings by addressing the performance of the building as a whole. Glazed areas have grown larger and larger to promote the use of solar heating and light transmission. The role played by openings and closures in limiting energy consumption has become critical.

Heat insulation must be of the highest quality to meet the bioclimatic design of the building which depends on three coefficients: 
1- The bioclimatic requirement (BBio): the balance between the losses (natural heat losses and user requirements) and the inputs of natural heat. 
2- Consumption: equipment efficiency. 
3- The interior set temperature: the maximum temperature reached when the weather is extremely hot.

When you choose an insulated aluminium panel with which to make your shutters, you are choosing a panel that will provide year-long comfort. In effect they act like a shield in both cold and hot weather. and thereby save energy by reducing heating and air conditioning consumption and provide optimum interior comfort whilst saving money.


High quality material for your home, aluminium makes your life easier. It is hard-wearing and durable, does not corrode and goes with any colour. It is an excellent way to coordinate your shutters with your entrance or garage door or gate. With PANOFERM's wood effect in light, golden or dark shades, it looks like real wood, but has none of its drawbacks when it comes to maintenance.