Our long history of multi-material bonding has forged our expertise. Groupe ISOSTA has been developing panels intended for the aluminium + insulation shutter market since 1999 in its R&D facilities and manufacturing them in their French factories near your location.

Binding two fundamentally different materials together
We led the way in the market of insulated panels for aluminium shutters and built up a wealth of experience based itself on the original activity of the Group, created in the 1960s, which was the manufacture of items for lightweight building façades. The process involves a great deal more than just gluing materials together. It involves attaining an in-depth understanding of the interactions and behaviours of fundamentally different materials: aluminium, a live and reactive material, and extruded polystyrene, an inert material. 
Using these two materials together was made possible by a tried and tested process involving selecting and preparing mounts and using glueing techniques that we are constantly improving to meet rising quality requirements. 
Groupe ISOSTA showcases its expertise in insulated panels with a product that is made in France and backed by the Group's ISO 9001 certification and further supported by all the Group's subsidiaries.

Regulation and Responsibility

Comfort in all seasons. Insulated aluminium shutters: good sense for energy savings.



Traditional, insulated hinged shutters. With strap hinges or bracing for all styles of house.


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PANORAMIC hinged or sliding louvred shutters completely block out the light and insulate the house. 

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Designer shutters to make your façade beautiful. A made-to-order range, at your request.

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Impact resistant, secure and functional, with easier fitting of accessories.

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Shutters that shut out noise when they're closed. Provides a similar level of sound insulation as double glazing. Leave exterior noise outside.

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Made to order in specific colours and small production runs. At your service!

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Mix the PANORAMIC and HARMONIC ranges to give your shutters a unique character.