TIM Composites finishes

Aluminium composite: a reference material

TIM Composites has several aluminium composite references to choose from. There is a wide range of materials, each with their own characteristics, thicknesses and shades to best suit your specifications.

Designed for both Haute Couture buildings and more modest operations, the materials offered and processed by TIM Composites suit all types of requests and budgets.


TIM Composites - expertise built on the foundation of quality materials

Aluminium composite is an ultra-high performance material with numerous advantages:

  • Lightness, extreme rigidity and excellent flatness making handling easier and reducing the cost of the sub-structures and fixing methods.
  • A wide range of sizes including large formats that are ideal for architectural projects.
  • Bendable
  • Withstands bad weather and corrosion
  • Vibration resistant, does not require an extra layer of insulation
  • Recyclable

An infinite number of colour and material combinations to satisfy everyone's creativity

Colour and material play a hugely important role in architecture. This is why TIM Composites has selected prestigious brands such as Alucobond, Larson and Reynobond (all with technical evaluations) to provide a comprehensive range of aluminium composite finishes.

  • Anodised look for a matt effect
  • Solid colour from neutral to vivid
  • Opalescent colour to play with the light
  • Imitation copper, zinc and stainless steel
  • Imitation wood
  • Digital printing to create your own look 
  • Brushed effect, the original elegance of aluminium
  • Mirror effect
  • Metallic effect bringing sparkle and life to your façade.



TIM Composites helps you choose which materials to use for your project.

Although traditionally composed of two sheets of aluminium with a polyethylene core, the aluminium composite panels selected by TIM Composites can also provide a solution to specific challenges:

Fire regulations: A2 – s1 – d0 rated panels pursuant to EN 13501-1, with mineral core.

Weight: composite panels with lightweight honeycomb core and easy handling.