TIM Composites Expertise

TIM Composites makes facades beautiful

We have 40 years of expertise in using aluminium composites to adorn bespoke facades.

TIM Composites will support you in all your projects from the first drawings through to completion. TIM Composites as expert partner will advise you on how to implement your projects and on which materials and finishes to use.


Design office: expert work

From project design to technical feasibility and industrialisation, TIM Composites is by your side to implement all the necessary phases of design and development from costing to delivery of the products to the work site.

The engineers in the design office develop the appropriate technical solutions for each project using computer-assisted design. They provide you with everything you need to carry out your projects:

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Calculation sheets
  • Prototypes
  • Fitting and hanging system recommendations

Our experts thus build up a numbered component sequence for your building's façade and thereby save you time during installation of the constituent components.

As each project is unique, TIM Composites develops bespoke services to meet your needs:

  • Data transfer between IT systems,
  • Specific programs for developing plans, etc.

Machining centres: the power of production

The design capacity of TIM Composite is relayed by an effective production tool.

With several numerical control machining centres, essential for a good level of productivity and high-quality production, the TIM Composites processing plant can respond rapidly to all orders.


TIM Composites - skills that are acknowledged by the CSTB.  

TIM Composites was previously CSTB Certified and now has QB certification for working with aluminium composites. QB is the new CSTB certification which guarantees quality, performance and reliability in the construction industry.

This certification underlines TIM Composites' 10 undertakings:

  1. Strict adherence to specifications, 
  2. Production of a project schedule, 
  3. Subscription to RC + EPERS (third party liability + element that can cause joint liability) insurance cover,
  4. Production of the calculation sheets, 
  5. The capacity to produce comprehensive proposals which include compatible secondary frameworks,
  6. Production of comprehensive 3D studies, 
  7. Product traceability, 
  8. Identification of the parts by markings for installation on site, 
  9. Compliance with current technical evaluations, 
  10. CERTIFIÉ QB (QB CERTIFIED) marked on the back of the panels complying with the technical evaluation.